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About MCRS™

MCRS™Municipal Court Records System software was written for the purpose of providing courts the ability of having a program that will track tickets and payments without having to buy more program than necessary. With the additional modules available, MCRS™can add all of the features that make our older MCRS™program such a powerful tool, yet distribute the cost over a period of time.

MCRS™ Features:

  • New Menu Control (One Click Access)
  • Ticket Numbers can contain any combination of numerical and alphabetic characters.
  • Real-time payment posting.
  • Fast Easy Flexible Inquiry screen
  • Create your own Statuses and Dispositions.
  • Handles duplicate ticket numbers.
  • Quick Scheduling methods.
  • Multiple vehicles allowed.
  • Void Payments, Expunge Tickets
  • track Multiple Warrants.
  • Multiple Business tracking.
  • Taxes are date oriented for entering old tickets.
  • Fee Types and Amounts are customizable.
MCRS™ Municipal Court Records Software Main Screen
MCRS™ Municipal Court Records System Violator Information Screen CrimeStar Software The Law Enforcement Package from CrimeStar provides an import file for use in the MCRS™ Municipal Court Software Package. For information please click on the CrimeStar logo or the "Request Info" button below.

CrimeStar Software
MCRS™ Modules:
  • Network Module
    Increase the number of network users who can simultaneously work in MCRS™
  • Report Writer Module
    Allows the clerk to create custom reports
  • Word Automation Module
    Allow MCRS™to fully automate printing letters and warrants
  • Driver's Lic. Suspension Module
    Add an interface to the Driver's License Suspension program
  • Printable State Reports
    The clerk will be able to print exact replicas of state reports with numbers already filled in
  • Extended Financial Reports
    Allow for local and outside bond tracking. Payment plans can be setup and easily tracked
  • Electronic Ticket Writer Interface Module
    MCRS™Automatically interfaces with CiteClearly™Electronic Ticket Writer System

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